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12 Maggio 2015 Vincent Vivolo

Bagnoli Irpino is a little town located in Irpinia, in the province of Avellino. It has 3,300 citizens and is situated at 654 m of altitude. It is a summer holiday place thanks to the beauty of its landscapes , its mild climate and clean air. Bagnoli Irpino, with the small village Laceno on a tableland, is one of the best skiing resort of Southern Italy. Thanks to the location through the mountains, the tableland and the small village turned into an established winter sports’ center, equipped with many installations: 16 Km of ski piste, hotels, Bed and Breakfast, and restaurants.

Natural Trails

Lago LacenoLaceno is an oasis immersed into the neture; it is the perfect place to practice sports’ activities. In the free time you can choose among a large range of ativities. Laceno, in fact, offers you fascinating natural itineraries to ride horses, to have a walk, to ride a mountain bike or you can choose one of these activities: go-kart, archery, excursions, trekking and tennis. There are also amusement parks for little children who right here can fun. You will have the possibility to walk to the feet of Monte Cervalto, or if you want, you can walk along the Fiumara of Tannera; on the contrary, if you love the risk, then you can go into the Caves of Caliendo. The walk is quite dangerous, but at the same time very likeable.

Flora and Fauna

 Thanks to the presence of naturalistic interest woods and of great amount of water, many species of animals are able to live here. Among the most important mammals we find: wild boars, wolves, dormouses, squirrels and hedgehogs. Many more are the birds of prey: hawks, and owls above all. as for the tree species, the most representative one, is the beech, that grows healthy thanks to the favorable climate.


Sagra della Castagna (Bagnoli Irpino)
Sagra della Castagna (Bagnoli Irpino)

Throughout the year, many religious and not religious events are carried out, which you can directly partecipate to. The most important ones are: the celebration in honor of Maria Ss. Immaculate Patron of Bagnoli and the exhibition of the black truffle. During the former, which is carried out during the week following the Corpus Domini,  the whole town is decorated with luxurious lights. The statue of the Virgin is carried in the procession through the streets of the town. The most solemn moment is reached with the ceremony of the “Carro” and with the singing of the “Verginelle” which is the secular ode of plea and faith. The exhibition of the truffles, instead, is carried out during the last weekend of October; you will find truffles, chestnuts, wild mushrooms; moreover you will find home-fried dough, cold cuts, sheep cheese of Bagnoli and sheep cottage cheese. There will be unique dishes , that are hard to find anywhere else and that contain all the ancient Irpinian tradition.


Here you have always something to do or to visit. In particolar, if you are a very religious person, you can visit several churches, like for example the Mother -Church of Santa Maria Assunta, the Church and the Monastery of Saint Domenico and the Church of Saint Lawrence. However, it’s not only about churches, since there are monuments and places of general interest too, like the old town center and the Norman castle.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Tourism office tel. 0827602029

Proloco Bagnoli-Laceno tel. 0827 602601

Information bureau tel. 0827 62317

Grand Hotel Grisone tel. 0827 68158

Taberna Capozzi Hotel tel. 0827 680030

Hotel Cervialto tel.0827 68071

Hotel The Glow-worm tel. 0827 68065

Restaurant The Spit tel. 0827 68074

Restaurant The Faun tel. 0827 68029

Restaurant The Lake tel. 0827 68055

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